The best performing gear on the mountain
can also be the most ecological.

ALTR.ECO provides sustainable, high-performance components and private-labeled finished goods for ski and snowboard manufacturers. Using our patent-pending materials and technologies, brands can tailor a product line that maximizes ecological responsibility and stoke on the slopes.​


When you’re passionate about alpine sports, the sight of a new snowboard or pair of skis conjures visions of carved trenches in groomed pistes, steep lines down remote couloirs, or jibbing natural features in side-country powder. And it incites a primal desire for deep days on the mountain.

To preserve those days for the future, we need to change the way we build snow sports gear and rapidly transition to sustainable ski solutions. Ski and snowboard builders are aware of the high carbon impact of their products—one kilo of carbon fiber generates nearly 30 kilos of greenhouse gas emissions*. Yet, despite proven demand in the soft goods market, ecological innovation in hard goods still lags behind the pace of change required to keep our winters cold and deep.


Most ski equipment is still built entirely from petroleum-based polymers and highly processed, non-renewable materials such as aluminum, steel, carbon fiber and fiberglass.


Higher performance skis typically use wood cores to increase power, feel and durability. Using renewable wood is great. However, the massive amount of waste created as the wood blank is cut to size can offset that benefit.


Renewable materials have different—often lower—mechanical properties (tensile strength, stiffness etc.) to non-renewable materials. Therefore, many ski and snowboard builders are understandably concerned about a drop in performance when considering new options.


The complex composite structure of skis and snowboards makes recycling difficult at end of life. As a result, it’s often a straight line from extraction to the landfill, with few opportunities to put circular-economy solutions in place.


Founded by passionate skiers who know what it’s like to trust your life to your gear, ALTR.ECO is built on the knowledge that compromising performance for sustainability is not an option. Through our dedication to sustainable performance, we’ve developed and patented unique, engineered, sustainable solutions that give ski and snowboard builders the freedom to create the equipment they dream of, with the most efficient use of ecological materials.

built for sustainability

To the maximum extent possible, all our materials are renewable, recyclable, or both. So they sequester carbon before they become your favorite skis then live on in other products once they are retired.​

engineered to reduce waste

Elegant engineering means ALTR.ECO components and technologies can dramatically reduce the amount of waste created in producing wood-core skis and snowboards.​

designed for performance

ALTR.ECO technologies optimize construction for the mechanical characteristics of rapidly renewable materials. So shapers and engineers can make lightweight, ecological skis and snowboards that raise the bar on performance.​

TOGETHER, WE CAN ALL BE eco-equipped

Creating a carbon-neutral snow sports industry to protect our winters and safeguard our snowpack requires collective action. And we, as a community, have to work together.

That’s why we’re not making our own skis and competing with other brands. Instead, we’re making our cutting-edge, sustainable technologies available to the entire snowsports industry, so every ski and every snowboard can be more sustainably made. And we’re working with the builders and brands that we love and respect to tailor our solutions to their individual perspective on what makes a great ski or a great board.

We make no claims to providing perfect answers and we expect challenges along the way. But we believe in starting now and improving continuously. And in building partnerships with other industry innovators to have the greatest possible impact on our collective carbon footprint.

Email us at theteam@altr.eco to discuss how ALTR can best support your brand with ecological innovation.